Cheapest Pest Control

Cheapest Methods of Pest Control


Most of the time, we usually get pests in our home. Every time you need to have pest control you need to ensure that you use a profession. Many people get frustrated with the idea of using lots of money on pest control. Lack of pest removal can lead to embarrassment. What many people do not realize is that lack of safe pest control is a health hazard. Instead of consuming a lot of money on insect control there are so many affordable and safe pest control methods that one can use.

Safe pest control

One of the cheapest ways to control pests is by ensuring that you always clean your house. A house full of mess always attracts bugs and other insects. Pests are always attracted to filth. Leaving rubbish in your house is a good way of attracting pests into your house.  To get rid of pests you have to ensure that you thoroughly clean your house including all the corners. Safe pest control is not all about cleaning your house, but it also includes keeping your environment clean. A recent research has confirmed that most of the diseases that many people get are due to lack of proper hygiene. It is always wise and vital to have a strategic plan while cleaning up your house. This helps you identify the pest problems in your home and gives you accurate time to correct them.

Affordable pest control

Another affordable pest control method you can use is by caulking. To ensure that caulking is effective means that you have to block all the entry points to your house. Missing those cracks and holes in your house can lead to health hazard environment. Caulking is mostly effective in old houses, which have been abandoned for long. It is wise to ensure that you don’t miss out the cracks in your home and keep off the pests.

Baking soda for Pest Control

Another dominant way of pest control is by using baking soda. Pests such as mice and roaches cannot stand baking soda. First you have to mix the baking soda with other food and then place the mixture on the cracks and holes in your house. This is a good way of making them not thrive and reproduce and control them altogether.

Environmentally friendly pest control

Using essential oils such as lavender, peppermint and lemon will keep off insects and pest from your house.  What many people do not know is that the lovely smell produced by such oils repels most pests. You can spray your house or mix the oils with water and use it to clean the house. This is a sure and effective way of safe pest control.  If you are planning to control pest in your house, you need to choose affordable pest control solution.  It is also a great idea to consider environment friendly pest control.